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Energy Efficient EcoPump

Like saving money? Then you’ll love EcoPump - a whole new kind of energy efficient pool pump. Most inground pool pumps run on 2 kW of energy. EcoPump runs on just 1/3 kW. The result is a savings up to $1,000 per year and the highest ROI of any pool pump. EcoPump is the one and only pump on the market that breaks the ¼ kW barrier for energy efficiency and starts at less than $759. No other pump on the market can make that claim. Period.

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How EcoPump Works

EcoPump is made technically possibly by EcoBoost, a core energy saving technology that optimizes the efficiency of electric motors found in swimming pool pumps. EcoBoost is an advanced phase-shifting technology that briefly stores electrons in condensors. When the motor rotates into the optimal position, the stored energy is released, boosting the energy transferred to the impeller.

EcoPump engineers weren’t satisfied with just creating the most energy efficient pool pump. The common failure points on pool pumps have been eliminated, allowing EcoPump to work without service for years after traditional pumps have failed. Lower operating temperature and reduced rotation decreases stress on the entire mechanical system.

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The Most Quiet Pump in Its Class

Typical single-phase motors are noisy because they vibrate at 120 Hz when operated on a 60 Hz power line. But EcoPump’s phase-shifting technology smooths power delivery for a pump that’s virtually silent during circulation. Those loud, humming pumps are a thing of the past.

Moving Water is Healthy Water

It’s no secret that moving water is healthier water. In the past, pool owners ran their pumps just 4-8 hours per day to reduce their electric bill. Unfortunately, 16-20 hours of stagnant water creates a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. And it’s virtually impossible to add chemicals when the pump is off. Running on just pennies per day, EcoPump is affordable enough to run around the clock – even 24 hours per day.

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