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SpectraLight Ultraviolet

Meet SpectraLight — the ultraviolet pool system for less chemicals and a healthier pool. SpectraLight was built on a vision that harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to shift away from chemicals. As a truly clean technology, UV is forever changing the way pools are sanitized.

SpectraLight was built on a visionary model inspired by drinking water treatment where chlorine levels are reduced to just 0.5 parts per million — a level safe for consumption. The high organic load in regular pools would quickly use up such a low level of chlorine. The secret to SpectraLight’s success is its unique ability to destroy 99% of the organic matter.

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Ultra High-Output, Patented Lamps

As the water flows through the sterilization chamber, SpectraLight emits a high intensity UV-C germicidal light ray that targets the DNA and RNA of all types of microorganisms, many of which were previously untouchable. Bacteria, viruses, algae, protozoan cysts, giardia, parasites, and spores are all destroyed instantly.

UV destroys over 99% of the organic matter and pathogens found in pools. As a result, chlorine levels can be lowered to those found in tap water — to just 0.5 ppm. That’s only one drop of chlorine for every 26 gallons of water.

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The Impact of Pool Chemicals

Research has confirmed what we’ve suspected for years — a low chemical pool is better for our health and the environment. One leading scientist was recently quoted as saying, “The impact of pool chemicals to our children is five times greater than second hand smoke.” It turns out that our skin is like a sponge — capable of absorbing hundreds of chemicals found in pool water.

Recent studies have linked repeat exposure to common chlorine levels to allergies, asthma and damage to the heart and immune system. In further testing, scientists found when chlorine levels were lowered to 0.5 ppm, the risks disappeared. These studies along with others led to widespread support for UV.

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What are the savings?

SpectraLight breaks the vicious cycle of chemicals once and for all. SpectraLight users report saving $400 - $600 per year in chemicals, depending on pool size. And with high water quality, pumps, filters, heaters, and pool surfaces will all last significantly longer. SpectraLight also eliminates the need to purchase expensive specialty chemicals like algaecide.

What about saltwater pools?

Since saltwater pools still maintain the same chlorine level as regular pools, they generate the same unhealthy disinfection by-products. The good news is that SpectraLight is fully compatible with salt-based chlorinators. With SpectraLight on the job, salt pool owners can dial down the chlorine generator and enjoy safe low chlorine water.

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