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Remarkable Zeolite Pool Filtration Media

Zeolite minerals were formed millions of years ago when volcanic ash fell into saltwater lagoons. With a remarkable porous honey-comb structure acting as a molecular sieve, Zeolite delivers pristine water quality, naturally.

Zeolite is made up of millions of tiny passageways that act as magnets, trapping even the most difficult to remove chemicals and contaminants. With a positive ion charge and a surface area 1000 times greater than sand, Zeolite traps and absorbs hundreds of chemical compounds that escape traditional pool filters.

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Verified Over 97% Pure

ZeoPure has been independently verified at 97%+ pure natural clinoptilolite Zeolite, making it one of the largest and purest clinoptilolite Zeolite deposits anywhere in the world. Only ZeoPure has the purity and structure to remove microscopic contaminants as small as two microns.

According to the United States Geological Survey, a significant percentage of material sold as Zeolite is actually ground volcanic tuff that contains only a small amount of Zeolite. Only pure Zeolite is capable of 2-3 micron filtration and ion exchange that gives pool water the polish and clarity that ZeoPure delivers. While there are about 40 types of natural Zeolites found in the world, only a handful can deliver high performance pool filtration.

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